This book is written so that history is not distorted

“The true heroes of the struggle have not yet been recognised,” said Jackie Ahrenstein.

The life story of Graeme Michael Lesch, a man labelled a criminal, a man wanted dead or alive by the apartheid government is the very history from the other side that provides the light of love in the devastating narratives that have shaped South Africa’s political past and present.

Despite more than 27 years in jail and repeated torture and brutality at the hands of the so-called “master race,” Shadows of Justice is full of humor, love and awareness.

There was no justice.

Lesch writes, “Ever since the abolition of slavery, all nations scarred by inexplicable deeds, have revolutionised the ideological errors of their forefathers, creating a civilisation, where human beings of whatever colour, race or creed, should be born with equal privileges, of the fundamental human rights, as established by the League of Nations. Surly this cannot be seen in P W Botha? And if the beast was discovered in Adolf Hitler and the Anti-Christ in Mussolini – evidently this can be seen in presidents Botha, Vorster and Malan. Hendrik Verwoed paved the way for these Tsetse flies to place British mentality in their Statute books. Those same men were the reincarnation of the Anti-Christs for which humans paid the price. Along came FW De Klerk covered their crimes by financing Inkhata and now these Tsetse flies hold the honours for all the inhumanities without any shame, and so the victims passed through the bowels of Christ.” From the book Shadows of Justice.

The same criminals remained in the power seats. In the chapter “False Profits” Shadows of Justice follows the theft of funds from the injured and disabled in 1997 by “comrades in the struggle.” Zuma said, “he would remember his friends.” Lesch said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” …

As a fighter for human rights, Lesch continues the traditions of his great fellow Durban freinds and supporters Baba Archie Gumede and Archbishop Dennis Hurley to add more information to the creation of a “Liberation History Foundation,” where the true heroes of the struggle are recognised.

Lesch writes “The real fight today is against inhuman, relentless exercise of capitalistic power. The present struggle is for social and industrial justice. The same foreign powers that supported the Nationalist government are the same sources behind much of the skullduggery.”

What a book! One day to be made into a film …

Struan Douglas

April 2017