Born in 1936 Graham fought for human rights from all angles. He saw himself as a white man in Africa, here to set right the wrongs of his tribal line. He shared a deep spirituality with the ancestral heritage of the African continent and thanked the great architect of Africa for his grace. He found no greater enemy than South Africa’s apartheid government. From 1952 – 1974 he was labeled a notorious criminal and incarcerated in many jails from which he escaped. In jail he was starved and tortured, out of jail he was hunted. He fled South Africa in 1969 by foot in a futile attempt to join the P.A.C. in Tanzania. On learning to read he overcame his dyslexia and by swallowing his bed springs freed himself from jail. In 1975 he married Jenny Clark. Jenny had polio as a child and is 95% physically disabled. Graham was never involved in any political party and fought for freedom, justice and equality from the unwavering truths of his heart.

WHAT A BOOK! What a fighter for human rights and his own survival. From his tantrum on the prison roof, to injecting cocaine to tolerate the brutal lashes, his epic escape from South Africa on foot and escaping the cycles of abuse by swallowing his Pentonville bed springs, this is an entertaining and honest history from the other side.

The true heroes of the struggle have not yet been recognised …

Graham Michael Lesch with his adopted mother, Mrs Lesch and dog, Winny Winny

Graham Michael Lesch with his adopted mother, Mrs Lesch and dog, Winny Winny



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